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On this page I will present the products I made as a result of my conclusions from this research. The products serve as a starting point in my business plan, as they are supporting and building towards my professional goals:

  1. I should first get brand awareness and get recognition for my qualities as an AV producer amongst the people of my surroundings. While doing this I should meanwhile grow my local and international (online) network and carefully select the most interesting connections that will complement my goals.
  2. After that my next approach should be to offer my services for free to the previously mentioned connections in order to impress and build up credit with them, and possibly with third parties.
  3. The aim of this approach is to ultimately create opportunities and offers from well-respected customers I would like to work with because I’ve created a positive bridge with people or companies that are normally pretty difficult to reach.

Of course this is an ongoing process that’s not really linear and could be repeated multiple times to reach my goals regardless of what country I’m visiting.

The following is a list of supporting product I made to prove the effectiveness of my business model.

1. Getting brand awareness and recognition for my qualities

1 A: Modeling shoot

I asked a local model to create a set of pictures and a stunning video with to impress the local community. This video and the pictures were distributed on Instagram with suiting hash tags and marketing techniques to reach the digital nomad and lifestyle influencer community within Bali.

1 B: Local news opportunity

News channels offer big money for certain stock footage they need to present a recent story if the footage is rare and difficult to obtain. As I just arrived in Bali, the local volcano (Mt. Agung) erupted and caused major concern amongst the island. I took my opportunity by getting as close as possible to get some good footage of the volcano to experiment with the stock footage business. While filming near the volcano, a news reporter interviewed me and my fellow adventurers and that story got published on Dutch television and in a Dutch newspaper. On hindsight, I did not promote my footage to news media actively enough, but I still have some good shots to put on stock footage websites later.

With the footage I created a small artistic documentary targeted for Instagram and Facebook. I posted the video in a local Facebook community group (Canggu Community) and got some good results from it:

  • Roughly 50 new Instagram followers
  • Raised brand awareness amongst local community
  • A paid assignment for teaching the art of editing

The following message was one of the comments in the Facebook group, and I decided to collaborate with her on a project to do some field research. The notes I made after the collaboration can be found here.

1 C: Bali lifestyle

For my artistic development I documented certain typical ‘Bali moments’ to translate the way of living to my audience, meanwhile getting more familiar with operating my camera. While shooting for this video I got in contact with the subjects in my shots to get familiar with the local community and to subtly promote myself to them. I also found that just working with a camera already gives me a form of value for the people who notice me working. So just by shooting for myself I’m actually advertising myself simultaneously.

While shooting this video, I got the contact information of 3 interesting leads:

  • A Russian model /stylist / mua who also manages a YouTube channel
    (Eleonora Y.B. – 9.5k followers)
  • An English creative art director with a genuinely interesting vision and life story
    (Lord Willin – 249 followers)
  • An Indonesian traveller who asked me to collaborate on a future project of his
    (Sahidum Bara – 1.1k followers)

2. Offering services for free to newly acquired connections in network

2 A: Miss Papua Shoot

The first phase of my business plan was effective, as more and more influential people started to reach out to me to ask for collaborations. Petrichsia Herman, Miss Papua 2016 and an influencer on Instagram with a decent reach of 12.5k followers, asked me to work with her. She wanted to have a set of pictures with 3 of her girlfriends. I complied to her request to prove her my worthiness so she would choose for me to be her photographer more often, only next time I would ask money for it. While shooting for the photographs, I also quickly shot a few videos of them and delivered a video along with the photographs. The content got reposted on a big channel on Instagram with 33.7k followers, called HitsPapua.

2 B:

Fred Fedor, owner of a business called liked my content on Instagram and offered me to collaborate. I did a free edit for a video he had just shot, in exchange for a mention to my Instagram profile when posting that video, something that could bring me a lot because his business Instagram had a reach of 364k followers. Sadly the video itself didn’t meet the requirements to get posted, as according to Fred, it was not in the same style as the brand. But nonetheless he appreciated my effort and we will surely be working together later.

2 C: Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison is a well-known arts bar with a skating pool in the backyard, located in Canggu. The bar attracts lots of creative and hip young folks, and offers a community feeling with their branded merchandise. In the hope of getting them to recognize me, I produced a set of pictures and a video targeted towards their aesthetics. Due to misplaced choices from my end, I sadly didn’t reach them the way I wanted to, but as I learned the following from my mistakes I can try again later:

  • I experienced first hand the importance of brand aesthetics. I drifted off too much from their style of visuals (being completely black and white) by adding color to the content I created. This made the temptation for them to repost my work on their channel a lot less.
  • Another branding mistake that I made was that I put way too much focus on the model and title of this video, and possibly unintentionally created a brand message that did not match their message at all.
  • I should also have communicated better before creating the content with the owners of the bar. This could have helped me to set a stronger intention in the content.

3. Paid jobs as a result of creating the brand awareness

3 A: Capital Nr. 3

Capital Nr. 3 is an Amsterdam based e-commerce clothing label that asked me to produce a set of photographs for them, showcasing 2 of their shirts. As this clothing label is still a small start-up with a low budget, I had to compromise on the price a lot, and only received the shirts and covering expenses for the shoot as payment. I delivered on everything they had asked for, over delivered by also providing them with an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed design, and happily closed the deal.

3 B: Apenkooi

As I kept evolving my own Instagram channel, I received a message from Apenkooi, a major event company with many big Dutch festival clients. They had noticed my recent Instagram posts and my style of videos matched with the intended style of a promotional campaign for the merchandise of an upcoming festival called By the Creek. I created a concept for the promotional campaign, and made this concept treatment to communicate my ideas to them. They agreed on my concept and I’m currently in production for this project.