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After completing this research, the following points of recommendations could help me, or anyone reading this, to take the right steps hereafter.

Further research

The topic of this research was rather broad, and had to be compromised on some parts of the topic. If I had more time I would have researched more extensively on a few topics. Therefore I recommend extending the knowledge by researching into the:

  • Possibilities of earning money as a model or influencer
  • Possibilities of earning money with teaching my skills to others
  • Best approaches to grow a YouTube channel
  • Best approaches to grow a Vimeo channel
  • Demand of video (styles) by important labels and music artists
  • Keep testing products and reviewing on the effects
  • Expanding the digital toolbox of services and communities that support the digital nomad lifestyle

Active reviewing

The nature of the business model canvas is to being clear and concise, so that it doesn’t demotivate to look at the business model in later phases of the development. Reviewing the model helps to keep the model actual and up to date if the model is adjusted accordingly after each review. I added some additional segments to the plan after testing the business model. These segments help to fill the gaps of the canvas model and keep the goals and budgets in sight. The careful construction of the complete business model including the guidelines resulted in a very useful tool, but will only be worth all the effort if it’s kept track of. Therefore I strongly recommend keep reviewing and changing the business model according to the mentioned review moments in the business model itself.

Professional attitude

Initially while working on this graduation assignment I felt very inadequate because I lacked the concentration and discipline to consequently work on this research. But during the final phase, I slowly started to realize the lessons I’d learned. The journey I made was rather risky and certainly a challenging one. The many distractions of living in Bali, and the extreme freedom I had along with the lack of forced structure from a company made it very hard to succeed. Therefore I would recommend anyone who is planning to start the same journey to carefully think it through.

However, the frustrations I had due to the initial struggles from lacking the right professional attitude did teach me some valuable lessons. I still have a lot to learn professionally, but I’m convinced that the challenges I overcame by graduating completely on my own in a place like Bali gave me a lot of valuable new skills and insights that place me in a unique segment of freelancers. I learned to force myself into a professional attitude and organisation for my own company.
And therefore I would highly recommend anyone looking for a creative AV freelancer with nomadic aspirations to

hire me

and offer me the chance to impress you.