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This website serves as a graduation report to support and communicate the research I’ve done for my graduation assignment at Saxion University of Applied Science at the academy of Creative Technology. This research is done mostly in Bali, Indonesia and started in November 2017 and ended in June 2018. The result of this research should help me to begin my professional journey as a digital creative nomad.

I am an incredibly stubborn student, and trust my own vision more than anyone else. I’ve always tried to do things my way, and bend the rules in such an extent that I got my way anyway. I have a pretty strong opinion about the social system that we live in, and that opinion hasn’t always been easy on my professional development. As I’m trying to become financially self-sustaining as an artist, this system keeps trying to force me into a commercial mind state, but I’m telling you: I won’t break. I realize the importance of a good research, especially when it concerns my own professional future. But once I’m finished bending the rules of my study to graduate in my own way, I will thrive and bloom in my own free, artistic and creative way.

Mark. My. Words.

The person I would like to thank first and foremost is Claudia Tellegen, my graduation coach. She gave me an incredible support throughout this research, and realistically understood my talents like no other. She made it possible to graduate in my own stubborn way, and helped me prove to myself that I don’t need a big fancy company to graduate in. She helped me through my mental chaos and grounded me when my mind was high in the sky.

Next I would like to thank my parents for emotional support, as I surely needed that at various moments throughout my emotional rollercoaster in Bali. Desperate times called for desperate measures, and they were always there whenever I needed them, even at 4 a.m. at night because of the time difference with the Netherlands.

All of the digital creative freelancers that allowed me to interview them for this research also deserve a big thank you from my end. They helped me a lot to come to my conclusions by openheartedly sharing their story with me. In chronological order of interviewing: Paven Gill, Lexington Stanley, Daniel Afreelancehuman, Yoeri Stor, Jade Morssinkhof, Anna Pesavento.

And finally I would like to thank Jade Morssinkhof and Peter Kellenaers for inspiring me to graduate in Bali by graduating there before me. I would not have done this if they didn’t somehow clear the path for me already.

Have fun reading this website, and I hope it will serve you well.

Max van Koetsveld van Ankeren
Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 16th 2018