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Graduating in Bali

Right around the time my plans shifted from having an Amstersam-based business to having an international business, my study coach asked me if I wanted to do my graduation project abroad, as two students already cleared the path for me at an Indonesian company called Slam Jam Productions. I decided that graduating in Bali would be great for my personal and professional growth. However, after reading Jade Morssinkhof and Peter Kellenaers (two former Art and Technology students) blogs I concluded that Slam Jam Productions was a bit too unprofessional to my taste and I rather focussed the research on my own business. I found out that Bali is one of the top locations for digital nomads and creative individuals. Graduating in Bali gave me the opportunity to first hand experience the digital nomad lifestyle. Finally, my personal preference for tropical places with warm temperatures and heavenly scenery made Bali the perfect place to graduate.


A digital nomad can work from practically any location, but for the sake of my research I selected three locations that are most suitable for me to start my nomadic life. I created a list of the 3 most suitable places for me to work at in case the outcome of this research will be the decision to actually pursue the digital nomad lifestyle. This list is based on multiple factors such as my personal interest, average cost of living, the opinions, the average quality of living and the recommendations from sources used in this research.

According to Konrad Waliszewksi (How to become a digital nomad), it is highly recommended as a digital nomad, to start in locations that have a low monthly cost of living. Therefore I did not look at locations that exceed a cost of living of €2.500,- a month.

Both Konrad Waliszewksi (How to become a digital nomad), as the interviewees I spoke to, mentioned that Asia is a good place for digital nomads, and is known for its digital nomad hubs. Specifically Bali (Indonesia) and Chiang Mai (Thailand) are most accessible for digital nomads. Furthermore Berlin (Germany), USA and Japan were also mentioned frequently.

Given the information so far combined with both my personal interest and the given quality of living on Nomad List per location, I have decided that the following 3 locations will be my main focus in the remaining time of this research:

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • Chiang Mai, Thailand