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This research is targeted towards the goal of setting up a professional business plan in order start my professional journey once I’m graduated. This business plan describes how I can make a profit as an AV-freelancer to become financially independent while travelling. The business plan is build up from 9 different building blocks, each describing a different element of how I’m planning to do my business.

Additionally to the Canvas business plan I also added some segments with more in depth information based on conclusions that formed as a result from this research.

Additional Segments

Business goals:

Short term:

  • Establish myself as an artist
  • Fit the criteria set by the Kamer van Koophandel to be a legitimate business
  • Plan next trip to Asia
  • Expand professional AV assets

Long term:

  • Generate passive income that can replace side jobs income

Business objectives:

Short term: 

  • Generate monthly income of at least €650 from a low involvement side job (est. 16 hours a week based on an hourly rate of ±€9,30).
  • Earn more than €10.000 a year with freelancing.
  • Work more than 1.225 hours a year as an AV freelancer.
  • Invest 24 hours a week to working as an AV freelancer
    • 14 hours a week to purely work on artistic projects for brand awareness
    • 10 hours a week on commercial, paid projects (based on an hourly rate of ±€19,20)
  • Save ±€5.000 for trip to Asia in winter 2018
  • Invest in stabilizer (±€700), action camera (±€400), drone (±€800) and new MacBook (±€2.000).
  • Earn enough money to afford monthly expenses (€650)

Long term:

  • Create portfolio for stock footage websites to earn €500 monthly
  • Set up crowd funding profiles to earn €150 monthly

Planned deadlines:

Revenue tax declaration quarterly:

  • 1st quarter of the year: before 30-04
  • 2nd quarter of the year: before 31-07
  • 3rd quarter of the year: before 31-10
  • 4th quarter of the year: before 31-01 (of the next year)

Income tax declaration yearly:

  • Before 30-04

Reach the €5.000 saving goal for the next Asia trip:

  • Before 01-12-2018

  • I will remain a Dutch citizen, with my company registered in the Dutch business market. I will refrain from leaving the Netherlands for a longer period of time than 8 consecutive months, so it won’t arise problems regarding my Dutch registrations. The near future plan is to spend my time in Europe (Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Berlin) in the summer months, and try to reside in Asia (Chiang Mai, Bali, Bangkok) during the winter months.
  • To fund this lifestyle I will try and find an employer, preferably in the AV industry, that will hire me to work 2 or 3 days a week in a salaried employment. Another possibility is to apply to certain modeling agencies and try to get some work in the modeling environment. Both options will simultaneously help me grow my network and allow me to involve my own creativity to a certain extent while gaining experience in a professional environment.
  • I will set up a couple of profiles on stock footage websites and offer all existing footage that I already shot that might be valuable as stock footage. This will slowly generate some passive revenue, and will help me gain experience with what kind of footage sells well. In my next travels and creative projects I could actively choose to shoot additional stock footage.
  • The commercial freelancing assignments will help me to gain experience in the professional industry, and learn more about the communication between the clients and me. When I’m in Asia these assignments can also be barter deals to save on travel and tourism expenses.
  • To obtain a status in the music industry as a valued music video producer, I will invest a lot of time and energy into building that status. I will do so by contacting strategically chosen labels and music artists to bring them value by producing a music video on the basis of donation derivative from what value they see in the end result, with the possibility of doing the work for free if they decide not to donate anything. I hope to open up some doors in the music industry relatively quickly, and get noticed by the right people as soon as possible. The music videos could be sent to film festivals that focus on that niche.
  • I will keep building my social media channels, and continue the self-promotion on there. On my mixmaxminiclips Instagram I will keep publishing personal artistic projects, and occasionally release some fragments of professional work. I will also start a new Instagram profile soon that will only showcase my modeling jobs in order to attract more modeling work through agencies or photographers that are scouting on social media. On this profile I will test some follower and engagement boosting services that I got offered to use by people I met while doing this research. To professionally showcase my work, a YouTube or Vimeo account will be made to attract a different part of my target group and have a channel where I can upload my work in a higher quality.

Reoccurring review:

To track the results and prevent the plan from ending up in the drawer, a clearly reoccurring review will be done to re-adjust and evaluate the plan. The complete plan will be saved to a new document in order to keep track of previous versions. After reviewing the current state of the plan, adjustments will be made to the canvas model, the business goals and to the guidelines there wherever change is needed.

These reviews will be done at the same moments of tax declarations:

  • 1st quarter of the year: before 30-04
  • 2nd quarter of the year: before 31-07
  • 3rd quarter of the year: before 31-10
  • 4th quarter of the year: before 31-01 (of the next year)