About The Graduation Assignment

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Ever since I found my passion and determined my skillset, I subconsciously started building and working towards the next step: figuring out how I want to earn a living after my graduation. I came in contact with some people that influenced me heavily in this process, which made my dream shift towards the international approach instead of staying only in Amsterdam.

All throughout my life I’ve been quite the mutineer regarding social constructs and expectations of how I should live my life. I refused to settle down for a dead-end 9 to 5 job without passion, freedom and growth. Instead I strive to build my own life conform to my own desires and life goals. This resulted in the dream of pursuing a life where I am able to travel around the world, while earning a living with performing my passion: making (video) art. Therefore this graduation assignment is targeted towards the learning goal of finding out how to do that.

I will research a variety of topics regarding the life of a travelling AV freelancer, which will ultimately lead me towards an understanding of how I can realise my dream effectively. Involved topics are:

  • Usage of business models
  • International possibilities and restrictions
  • Technical related issues
  • Opportunities of different online platforms
  • Reliability and availability of the resources and connections needed

Finally I will have to put my acquired knowledge to the test by delivering a product resulted from my research.


I’m conducting this research as a student, and as the founder of my company called ‘Mix Max Productions’. I want to be able to make my company lucrative without being tied to one specific country. I want to be internationally flexible. A term that suits this form of entrepreneurship most is ‘Digital Nomad’. To be able to accomplish this desire I need to find out how I get customers that are willing to pay for my services, no matter where I am. Therefore I need to build, and know how to maintain, a strong network of individuals and companies that are in need of a creative director or producer. These customers can vary from artists, to labels, to agencies and many other small businesses. Evidently I also need to get a clearer understanding of my target group in order to sell my services more effectively.

Furthermore it is of importance that I connect my name to other successful and creative businesses and individuals that are willing to collaborate. This will help me to expand my resources around the world and grow symbiotically. Researching these businesses and individuals should help me get a clear understanding of the business models they use to become and stay profitable. This will ultimately result in a business model for my own company to become lucrative and healthy.


To find the right customers that are willing to pay for my services I should first get to know them and the structures of the business models they operate in. I need to exactly pinpoint where I am positioned in these business models and accordingly start building my own model. The key underlying problem within my demands and objectives is, simply put, a lack of experience and understanding of the desired branch I want to be operating in.

While the lack of experience might be the main source of the problem, a preliminary root-cause problem found is that I tend to be too perfectionistic, which results in analysis-paralysis. This is the reason that I’ve been rather anxious towards the undertaking of my enterprise. Because I know deep down that I learn a lot quicker by practically researching and testing a topic than from theoretical research, I hope that conducting this research will bring me a step closer to starting with my business and reaching my goals.

And finally this problem also has the aspect of unfamiliarity with the travelling lifestyle. I have never lived like a digital nomad, and thus never actually experienced whether that lifestyle suits my personal standards of living. Although this aspect of the problem will solve itself by just experiencing how I will cope with all of the ancillaries that come with travelling, it is still something to keep in mind during this research, and include the results in the conclusion and recommendations of this research.