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My name is Max van Koetsveld van Ankeren (more about me? Click here) and I’d like to welcome you to my graduation website. This website is the documentation of the process of my graduation assignment, and I hope to graduate from the Academy of Creative Technology, at Saxion University of Applied Science after finishing.

We live in an amazing time where everything is possible, with all the knowledge we need right at our fingertips. The downside of this is that it can be quite daunting to start doing what you actually want to do, given the fact that you first have to decide what that thing is.

And second because our society expects you to be profitable with it too. For the first part of that downside I pretty much managed my way into finding what I’m good at and loving every part of it. But the second part, making it profitable, is still a big obstacle I need to overcome. Therefor I want to research suitable approaches that will help me make my business lucrative.


The main menu bar can be seen as the logical reading direction for anyone who is interested in this research. All the menu-items are optimized for easy reading to quickly peruse this research. On the left- and right side of each page on the bottom quick page navigations will help you navigate.


With this research I will determine the best approach to manifest my life as a digital nomad. A digital nomad is someone who has made his or her work location independent, making it possible to travel while working (more info on digital nomads here).  I will interview successful freelancers on the basis of the Business Model Canvas (more here). I will research the possibilities to generate revenue as an AV producer, the financial & juridical concerns regarding the travel lifestyle, the technical limitations of AV-equipment, and the markets and tools that are available to me. My exact research questions can be found here, more on the specific methods of research can be found here, and extensive research results can be found here.


This research will result in some professional products optimized according to the results and conclusions. The main product will be a substantiated and profitable business model that will allow me to operate as an AV freelancer while travelling (found here). To demonstrate the applicability of the business model some project will be created accordingly (found here). The business model will finally be tested on quality by checking it against eight important factors all successful business models need to contain, and a SWOT analysis will be made (both found here). Any necessary changes to the business model that arise from the testing will be made to perfect the product.